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Pennsylvania Appellate Advocate features insight from experienced Pennsylvania appellate litigators. In addition to providing up to date news & analysisour contributors are frequent speakers at continuing education events and conferences.

If you would like to receive more information on an upcoming event, please contact us.

Below is a listing of upcoming speaking engagements featuring our contributors, as well as other events they will be attending:

February 2018

February 15

PAA Contributor Dennis Whitaker Argues Important Medical Marijuana Appeal

November 2017

November 15:

PBI President Dennis Whitaker will present a report on PBI to the PBA Board of Governors and will attend the PBA Board of Governors’ Reception and Dinner.

Press Releases


Dennis Whitaker Joins Panel on Judicial Deference to Agency Statutory Interpretation at PBI 


Kevin McKeon Discusses Medical Marijuana Appeals at PBI

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