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Dennis Whitaker


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Dennis A. Whitaker, partner with Hawke, McKeon & Sniscak, LLP, is a principal contributor to Pennsylvania Appellate Advocate, a blog on issues of interest to appellate practitioners and particularly those issues in or on their way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Dennis combines expertise in administrative law with extensive litigation, trial and appellate experience.  He is the only person to have been appointed as chief counsel to both the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  Following his nearly 28 years of Commonwealth service where he litigated and argued complex cases before the state and federal courts and authored amicus briefs before the Third Circuit, the Sixth Circuit, the Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts and the courts of common pleas, he currently focuses on government appellate and original jurisdiction practice in Pennsylvania and in selected federal courts, using his extensive knowledge of government and the courts to offer sound advice, creative solutions and effective strategies. Dennis is the current President of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the continuing education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and frequently serves as a planner and faculty member in programs related to administrative law and appellate practice. He was law clerk to Joseph T. Doyle, President Judge of the Commonwealth Court, as well as Commonwealth Court Judges Bonnie Leadbetter and Renee Cohn Jubelirer. He received his J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law and his B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University.

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