Sunday  September 17, 2017, marked the 230th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. To celebrate, join Pennsylvania Appellate Advocate for our new series, Constitution Week: A series reviewing U.S. Constitutional Rights and their Pennsylvania Constitutional Counterparts, where we will explore rights granted by the United States Constitution and their Pennsylvania Constitution counterparts.

Preview:      U.S. Constitutional Rights & their PA Counterparts

A preview of our Constitution Week series, including insight into the differences between the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions.

Part I:     A Balancing Act: The Constitutional Right to Assemble on Private Property

An analysis of the Pennsylvania appellate courts’ treatment of the Pennsylvania Constitution’s Article I, Section 20 right to assemble and right to petition when Article 1, Section 1 property rights are implicated.

Part II:     Establishing a Constitutional Right to Appeal Versus Leaving it up to Congress

In this installment, we compare and contrast the appeal provisions provided in Article III of the federal constitution and Article V in the Pennsylvania constitution.

Part III:     A Constitutional Right to Reputation – Who Knew?

In our part 3 of our Constitution Week series, we explore the concept of a “right to reputation” under the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions.

Part IV:     Voting Rights:  The Constitutional Quilt 

In this installment, we discuss inherent and express voting rights provided by the United States and Pennsylvania constitutions.

Finale: One of these Constitutions (in more respects than you realize) is not like the other

In our Constitution Week finale, we conclude our series by addressing two important areas where our Supreme Court has found enhanced protections under the Pennsylvania Constitution.